Hello kindred spirits,

We are Jenn & Kinga- adventurers, wanderers, lovers, and seekers of beauty. In search of something grander and more wonderous than we have ever seen. Dreamer, adventurer, tenacious, brimming with wanderlust. 


(Founder, Photographer, Philanthropist, Traveler)

As a tenacious explorer and art enthusiast, Kinga loves photography for its ability to capture the story, culture and beauty in a moment that might be otherwise forgotten. She is always on the lookout for a new scene, creating a new picture in her mind, and creating time on a yoga mat. 

Drawing on years of experience in documentary photography and as a sociologist Kinga has developed a particular eye to capture intentional and graceful moments that tell the story of your once-in-a-life-time wedding. Her photography is honest, natural and yet graceful. She loves the play of light and shadows. 

Enter a Heading


(Founder, Photographer, Outdoor lover, Musician)

A particular artist with colorful ideas, Jenn is a passionate photographer and adventurer who truly loves her work. She is always creating a new vision, planning the next wedding, and climbing the next mountain. 

Her background in art and music gives her the necessary delicate and sophisticated framework as a wedding photographer. She is known for her precision, dedication, and passion. Her naturalistic style combined with great technical knowledge captures your perfect moment. 

Kind Words

Kind Words

“We fell in love with Rays of Light before we finished booking our wedding venue. Jenn & Kinga went above and beyond to make our schedule work. Kinga was fantastically accomodating when it rained on our wedding day and managed to capture the very best of the occasion. We booked a "honeymoon session" with Jennifer for the day following the wedding and it was the greatest adventure resulting in photos beyond our wildest dreams. We loved their work and would absolutely recommend them!”